Train Smart with
Quality Efforts

Maximise your time by training smart with a strong emphasis on quality efforts during training to get the most out of every session.

Balance is key for effective training - the blind chase of instant results often leads to a myriad of injuries and burnout. Tribal Triathlon Coaching cultivates a positive training methodology, coupled with a program that facilitates varying intensity to allow the body to adapt and adjust.


Whether you are looking to learn to swim in preparation for your first triathlon or seeking stroke correction by certified coaches to refine your open water swim strokes for your next A race - Tribal has the coach for you.

At Tribal, we seek to fully maximize the time and result factor. A triathlete's training time is spread more thinly across each discipline - as such we strongly believe in analysing each individual's ability and providing them with specific training advice to effectively develop a stroke that's unique to them alone.

Our dedicated team of triathlon swim coaches boasts vast experience in still-water competitive swimming as well as elite level triathlon racing. They are ready to impart the many skills and techniques they have honed over the years to make you a more proficient open water swimmer.




Typically the longest leg of a triathlon, the importance of the bike cannot be understated. Tribal Triathlon Singapore takes a holistic approach to bike training, focusing not just on aerobic gains but on technical skills as well.

Our group rides and skills clinics welcome all levels of cyclist and no matter whether you're looking to go longer, corner quicker, descend faster or ace the next transition, Tribal Triathlon Singapore is here to bring you to the next level.


Tribal Triathlon Singapore adopts a personalised run coaching and analysis methodology that allows our athletes to adapt and grow based off their individual performance metrics. We believe in a strong coach-athlete relationship and developing an effective feedback loop which comprises corrective sessions and clinics that translate to a more productive workout session.

Our run coaching and clinics encompass runners of all abilities and background so whether you're training towards your first 5km park run, looking to nail that 2.4km IPPT run, seeking to smash that marathon personal best or in search of that dream half-Ironman run leg - we got you covered.

Comprising professional and experienced track and distance run coaches, our coaching team prides themselves in their ability to spot and correct key movements to develop good form and posture that are crucial to developing an efficient running technique. We also work closely with top professionals in respective fields to ensure our runners are equipped with only the best support.